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    As i’ve sought to learn the tools and methods brought to gether in biblearc, I’d love to see a module that allows you to do a phrase, and then a bracket/arc based on your phrasing.

    The visual indentation and grammatical detail in Phrasing is great, combining this as part of the same process with the Logic of bracketing/arcing would in the same module seems like a nice idea to me.

    Not sure what your thoughts on this are and if you have any plans to publish.


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    Hey Friends,

    I think this is a defect (or at least it seems that way to me)

    I have a number of devices + monitors that I use biblearc with. When I make a dot note on a part of a phrase, and move to a computer of a different size, it sometimes looses it’s place. This makes it really difficult for me to find which note relates to what phrase, word etc. It would be great to have this fixed so that the position of a dot note remains the same regardless of screensize/device.

    Thanks again for your work.

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    So as I understand its more typical to use Phrasing for smaller portions of text and Arcing/Bracketing for larger portions (perhaps even a whole book)

    Is this a correct assumption? and is there any reason for it?

    Further, if this is the case, is there room for a hybrid method, that perhaps Brackets a whole book for the big picture, then phrases each section for the detail?

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance! 🙂

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    Yes I see what you mean, I by labels I mean for example, what we find under the “Support By Restatement” category, i.e. :

    For Bracketing :


    For Phrasing :


    • Means
    • Agency


    • Standard


    • Substitution


    • Content
    • Context
    • etc…

    I used these charts as a reference

    I’m probably just confusing myself ha 😄

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    I’ve noticed the Phrasing modules and Bracketing Modules have different labels.

    However when looking in different books that discuss Phrasing, such as Andy Naselli’s how to interpret and understand the new testament, the labels they use for phrasing are similar to those used in bracketing. Why do BibleArc use different labels? Wouldn’t it be easier to keep the labels consistent?

    Hope this makes some sense 😄

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