• Keith Kresge

    I think the highlighting options in the notes tab ought to correspond more readily to that in the phrasing module. I utilize a notes tab as my highlighting key, which I can share across projects. However, some useful options there (e.g., light teal) are not available as I highlight words while phrasing, and some useful options in the phrasing module do not exist in the color spectrum under notes. Furthermore, the colors ought be identical in tone to make it this sort of uses readily available.

    My two suggestions, then, would diversify options in both modules:

    1. Add the 5 leftmost muted colors from the phrasing module to the notes module as quick-select options.

    2. In the phrasing module, leave the 5 leftmost muted options as-is, and then arrange a total of 8 color options which correspond with the second-least saturated colors in the notes module:
      Gray, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Teal, Yellow.

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