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    From the UBS Handbooks for the New Testament:

    hupsista ‘the highest’, cp. on 1.32; en hupsistois goes with theo as indicating the place where God is (cp. RSV, NEB, and others) or with the phrase as a whole, indicating the place where glory is given to God (cp. BFBS, Rieu); the latter seems preferable because of the place of en hupsistois before theō and of the parallelism with epi gēs ‘on earth’.

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    @Andy-Hubert said in Do We Need Systematic Theology?:

    Here, Paul is teaching on a single topic—faith, and not works of the law, as the basis for justification and receiving the Spirit. To do so, he quotes twice from Genesis, twice from Deuteronomy, once from Leviticus, and once from Habakkuk. He is gathering texts on different aspects of one topic and bringing them together in one place.

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