One frequently-asked question is how to turn in an assignment in one of our courses.

First, when you are taking the course, make sure you follow each step in order, and click the “Mark this step done” button at the end of each step. That is the way to get to the end of each lesson, when you will get to each assignment with its details.

Then, make sure to create your project from the assignment page (don’t just open a new tab but follow the instructions). The tab with the ** is the one which is going to be turned in. Then do the assignment!

(If you go away from your assignment and want to open it again, open your main menu and then go to “Projects.” In the list of your Projects, you will have one named with the title of your course and the number of the assignment (e.g. “Paraphrase-Assignment 10”), and it will have an orange bar with ‘Assignment’ written on it. )

Finally, to turn in your assignment once you’ve finished it, open it, and click on the orange “Instructions” tab. In that tab is a “Turn in this Assignment” button. If you click it, it will turn in all tabs in that Project that have the two asterisks ** after their tab label.

(If you did your work in another Project and you need to transfer it to the right one in order to submit it, open the Project where you have your work and hover with the mouse above the tab of the Discourse/Note and you will get the option to choose between rename, copy, and discard. Choose copy and then you can copy into another Project. Then choose the Project with the orange Assignment bar in it and turn it in.)