As we come closer to Christmas, 1 Tim 1:15 comes to mind. 1 Timothy 1:15 is one of the most beautifully and powerfully stated gospel message in Scripture: “This saying is trustworthy and deserves to be fully accepted: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,’ of whom I am the prime example.”

Yet while this passage is well known, we gain more insight as we consider it in its wider context. Paul creates a praise sandwich in this passage, praising God for his grace in v.12 and v.17. The gospel (vv.13-16) forms the foundation for this praise. You can see this in my arc of the passage:

screen_capture 2019-12-18_9-54-32_pm (2).png
But questions remain that we need to answer in order to understand what God wants to say to us through Paul in this text:

  • How does the gospel statement in v.15 relate to v.14?

  • How should we arc the ἀλλά in v.13d and v.16a?

We’ll try to tackle these questions in an upcoming FB live. We’d love to know what you think too though. So post your answers here or comment on the FB live as you watch it. Either way, we hope that God will use our discussions to magnify Jesus in our hearts as Christmas draws nearer.

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