Marking up text

@Luke-Kieser Sorry for taking so long to reply, Luke! Somehow I just saw this.

There is the capability to markup text in the Look-up module, actually! If you create a new Look-up module and click through the Tour that appears, you’ll see some details on using the Markup feature.

I hope that helps!

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περὶ τοῦ λόγου "πεποίθησις"

Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Jordan! And I’m glad you like the app so much; that’s encouraging!

Submitting mistakes like that here is fine (unless we create a separate category for reporting errors). You could also send an e-mail to

Anyway, the error has been fixed - thanks again for reporting it.

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Comment on arcs in a group

When the author is creating or editing the page, he/she has the option of turning off comments. It appears that the author of this arc has done just this.

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Law of spirit freed me from the law of sin and death

@Jesudas Good morning: I’m just wondering what you’re trying to do with your recent posts. Are you having a difficult time posting what you want? There are only symbols here in your post, but the title is from Romans 7. Did you have a specific question about Romans 7?

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Color Coordination between Notes and Phrasing

@Keith-Kresge Those are good suggestions, Keith. We’re working on Biblearc 3.0, and since you’ve posted those ideas, we have them to consider and implement.

Please feel free to post other suggestions as well; it is very helpful to hear how others are using the tools available on Biblearc, so we can make them as useful as possible.

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Combining verses

Looks better. Thanks.

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