Marking up text

@Wellington-Driedger It is a little tedious to use, but things will be improved when Biblearc 3.0 is released. (There’s no release date yet, though.)

But you can highlight more than one word at a time; you can click and drag your mouse across as many words as you want, and highlight them all at once.

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I am unable to rename a project.

Matthew - if you open the project you want to rename and click on the name a dialog box should pop up which will allow you to rename the project and change the base passsage.

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Performance of the phrase-modele

First of all, thank you very much for this great application that really helps to understand the words of God. May God help you continue with this.

To gain insight into larger bible passages (for example 60 verses), I use the phrase module: indenting a chapter; making sections; notes, etc. However, the performance is unfortunately not sufficient. A single indent takes 4 seconds (the PC is not the problem).
Is it possible to fix this?

I look forward to your response!

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Changing formatting options on Phrasing modules

Hi δούλος,

This is actually an easy thing to fix, thankfully! If you click on the “NASB” above your phrase, you should see an option for two-column view. That will make the change.

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Adding diagram in forum

@JamesCWilliams Good question! In the Discourse or Phrasing module, click on the Print button to save the Phrase/Arc/Bracket as a JPEG.

Then, once you’ve start to write a forum post, click on the right-most button above the text box. It looks like a cloud with an upward-pointing arrow in it. You can select your JPEG saved on your computer from the window that opens, and it will attach it to your post.

Just make sure it’s not too large - I’ve had trouble with large images. You can save it as a smaller-sized image when you click Print if the image won’t load.

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iOS App - Request to enable screen scrolling in Notes

I’ve tried that as well. Doesn’t work for me within the Notes tab.

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iOS App - Visible Cursor & Selection

Thanks for your suggestions! We will keep them in mind as we develop the new version of the app.

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