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Col. 1:15-20

I am just starting the Phrasing course and I’m feeling pretty challenged academically. I’m hoping to practice more before moving on to the next lesson. Could someone please give me feedback on where I put Divisions and Indentations?

Thanks so much!

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Asking and answering doctrinal questions with specific passages, carefully studied.

Daniel 1:8

In Daniel 1:8 the Hebrew word for Defiled or Polluted is Ga’al. This rendition of the word Ga’al is found earlier in scripture to refer to “redeemed” but seems to pick up this variant after the time of the exile. I’d be curious to know if this is more than just what naturally happens in all languages where there are natural evolutions to words.

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Greek Sentence Diagramming

Hi Mildred,

There is a cheat sheet available in the Greek course here: Components.pdf

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Use of Apple Pencil

Yes kuya. That would be a great idea. I had an ipad too, and I love note writing using apple pencil.

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High contrast theme

That’s a good idea! I’ve added it to a list of suggestions.

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Arcing Chiastic & Parallel literary structures

@adiadidas15 said in Arcing Chiastic & Parallel literary structures:

If I am arcing a passage which contains a chiasm, it would be nice to reflect that within the arcing module. I realize that arcing is focused on the functional relationships between clauses, whereas literary structure (chiasms, etc.) are simply about form, so these two methods aren’t a perfect fit with each other.

I don’t think that’s possible, unfortunately, because of the visual layout of Arcing and the necessary visual layout of a chiasm. They couldn’t both be in the same space.

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El Rapto o Arrebatamiento (¿de quién?) [aún no terminado]

@Dani-Cavalheiro creo que la palabra se utiliza no para señalar la idea de un secuestro que tenga implicaciones inmorales, sino de la extracción de un grupo de personas. Sin embargo, creo que es un pasaje que se ha malentendido. Espero poder explicar esto al terminar esta publicación, posiblemente la semana que viene. Gracias por recordarme que tenía pendiente terminar esta publicación.

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Colosenses 3:1–4

Gracias, por la respuesta.

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Languages additions


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